Schluchsee - St Märgen, Germany

Wednesday 13th October 1999

Black Forest, Germany

We continued our Black Forest exploration, today heading for the city of Freiburg. We arrived before lunch and, after a brief foray in completely the wrong direction, headed in to the old part of town.

The feature attraction was, as is often the case, the cathedral. This one was well worth the effort though, featuring a very nice altarpiece and magnificent stained glass. We grabbed some lunch from the market-place vendors outside and continued our exploration.

Overall the city was quite attractive and worth the detour, with a couple of impressive town gates and a number of fine old buildings. We spent a couple of hours looking around then headed back to the car and continued on our way, still heading steadily, if slowly, north.

We drove a little way out of Freiburg and back into the hills. The small roads were always wonderful to follow, winding their way around the hills with perpetually magnificent views of the valleys below. As the afternoon wore on we stopped in at the small village of St Peter, again a church was the attraction. This one was an elaborate rococo effort and the burial place of the Dukes of Zähringen. We'd heard about them just a couple of days before as Duke Berthold V founded Bern. Europe seems full of such connections.

Evening was approaching so we headed out of town and started looking for a place to stop. We found a wonderful spot beside a flowing stream with fresh spring water gushing from a tap, overlooking the valley below. Marvellous.

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